• requiem funeral


Elite level funeral is a procedure where all parts need to be thought through and considered.Of course, people under stress, are not always able to clearly understand how to pay a tribute, worthy of the high status and fame of the deceased.

Our company offers a full range of services for VIP – funeral:

  • The embalming of the body;
  • Selection of accessories and wreaths;
  • The preparation of fresh flower compositions;
  • The provision of transport;
  • Decoration of burial places;
  • Transporting body in a special vehicle to the place of burial;
  • The provision of cars for invited and relatives.

The arrangements of the ceremony are held by an experienced agent who will take care of all the hassle and problems connected with farewell, burial and commemoration of the deceased.

Extracting body from the morgue, issue of all necessary documents, selection of accessories, ribbon, coffin, bed in coffin, as well as preparation of graves for burial and subsequent maintenance of the place is all in our responsibility. After the burial, our cars will deliver relatives and friends of the deceased to the funeral feast.

Let us support you in this difficult moment and ease your pain with our high level professionalism.