Monuments And Tombstones

“Requiem” offers manufacture of monuments and tombstones out of the following materials:

  1. Marble — stone of a natural origin, which is durable and virtually impervious to atmospheric phenomena and temperature changes.Grace of funeral marble commemorative stelae has long been appreciated by our customers. Small price, ease of processing, ability to fulfill an order according to the sketch are the main advantages of the material. But it is important to remember that marble monuments requires more frequent maintenance than granite. The cost of the order is determined by the size, shape, design, complexity of cutting and installation.
  2. Granite is truly a timeless jewel. Rock formed by pressure withstand incredible loads, does not deteriorate or change its color over time. Low water absorption, frost resistance guarantee that the granite products will last for a very long time. Such an accessory does not require long-term care.But the price of granite is quite high, depending on the size, shape, color of stone, cutting, processing and polishing.

Among the variety of ways of drawing portraits and inscriptions stand out engraving and ceramics: perfectly. Engraving on marble is impossible because it merges with the color of the stone, but the inscriptions, floral arrangements are perfectly visible. To order a monument of marble, with a portrait is best performed on granite, which is cut into the form of a stele and remains there forever. By calling – phone +7 495 988 66 66 experienced professionals will help you to determine with the order and answer your questions.