Repatriation of the body is connected with lots of trifles of legal nature. It should be done by professionals only.

  • Purchasing a sturdy wooden box with a galvanized metal liner on the inside;
  • To solder a liner;
  • The collection of complete package of documents for maintenance or transportation of the body;Заказ транспорта для эвакуации тела к месту отбытия;
  • Ordering a vehicle to evacuate the body to the place of departure;

It is important to remember that the coffin is deposited in the luggage no later than 3 hours before dispatch of the vehicle

The body of the deceased transported outside the country or city, has to be embalmed. In addition, for the transportation of the deceased it is needed to have the permission of the customs services and pre-ordering the transportation of the repatriation and the translation of certificate of sanitary and epidemiological stations, and also the authorization document to the language of the country where the deceased is transported.

It is almost impossible to do all these procedures alone, that is why help of the experts is needed. Ritual company “Requiem’ will take care of all the paperwork and transportation issues. Without delay, legal or formal, observing all statutory regulations and requirements, we will bring your dear to the place of burial.