Our employees will help you to choose all the necessary ritual supplies
as well as explain all the details of funeral arrangement

Each of us has had or will have to deal with the grief of losing people close to us. And in such a situation it’s not always clear where can we buy burial clothing or wreaths etc.


Moreover try to concentrate and organise the ceremony is almost impossible.

Therefore, although it may seems blasphemous, but it’s worth to know telephone numbers of the necessary organisations. It doesn’t take much, just remember ritual accessories store, where there is a wide rage of goods with reasonable prices. “Requiem” has almost all ritual accessories existing: wreaths, coffins, pillows, blankets, ceremonial clothing and shoes, tombstone crosses, monuments and so on.

Loss of a close person is a tragedy

The grief of the family is endless, but even when you shall not forget about the required attributes and accessories.

List of ritual goods necessary for funeral:

  • coffin
  • coffin bed, bedspread
  • cross
  • set of ritual accessories

  • wreath
  • flower composition
  • funeral ribbon
  • memorial ribbons with inscriptions

Our experts will help with costs, quantity and assortment. Having great experience, knowledge and skill, the agents will sensitively take into account all your wishes and requirements, will show respect for the dead and pick the right products and attributes. The entire range is of high quality, reliability and meet aesthetic requirements.

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