The prices are affordable for any level of customers
and held at the highest level of quality.

“Requiem” offers a full range of funeral services

Service includes such complex procedures as:

  • the implementation of the necessary preventive measures for preserving the body of the deceased at home or at the special room;
  • Transportation of the coffin with the body by specially equipped vehicles, secured with all permits;

  • Accompany of the funeral with any type of ceremony to the necessary extent with the provision of health workers,experts for loading and unloading of the coffin, special elevator and other equipment including also burial staff.
  • Possibility of carrying out the funeral procedures, in the absence of the customer.

There are no trifles in the arrangement of the funeral , cremation and commemoration. After all, the strict observance of traditions, as a rule, is the basis of the faith of the deceased, all the various ritual procedures require very serious, thorough approach and qualified training.But that’s not all – every agent is required to possess an innate sense of tact. He should not annoy anybody with unnecessary questions, make a fuss and flicker before the eyes.


Agent, representing reputable ritual agency understands everything without words.Sincerely sympathizes with the misfortunes of others and tries to ease, rather than trying to prove its relevance and importance.Of course, it’s hard to let a stranger into your house, but it has nothing to do with the priest and the ritual agent.These people from time immemorial have come to help in the mourning when, at times, even close relatives and friends are shunned and don’t want to participate in the preparation of burial or cremation, avoiding “unnecessary” worries.


  • full collection and preparation of the whole set of documentation necessary for a traditional burial or cremation;
  • the choice of location in the cemetery, its design, the timely preparation of the grave;
  • the issues with burial in ancestral places at cemeteries;
  • rdering and timely supply of specialized vehicles;

  • selection and delivery of a coffin and its clearance;
  • selection and delivery of all ritual supplies: a variety of wreaths, bouquets, fresh and artificial flowers, coffin accessories;
  • assistance in obtaining compensation, and perhaps several types, of budgets of different levels, to help with costs;
  • decoration of graves, including maintenance of the burial place.

You can call a certified funeral agent round the clock by phone number +7 495 988 66 66