Funeral Arrangements

Funeral service “Requiem” is currently one of the largest Russian enterprises carrying out their activities in accordance with Federal law and is a member of the funeral Corporations of Russia. The staff is trained in the following specialties: “organization of funeral business” and “balsamita”, have considerable experience and a well-tested scheme of the funeral organization, which saves customers from independent solutions to various problems and guarantees the provision of professional services of high quality:

  • the evacuation of the dead to the morgue 24 hours a day;
  • preserving the body until the burial day;
  • sanitary and cosmetic treatment of bodies, embalming;
  • neutralization of pathogenic microflora and destruction of unpleasant odors in the room;
  • providing specialized freight trucking (“VW”, “Mercedes” up to 25 people);
  • hall of civil memorial service;
  • holding a farewell service with the participation of the funeral ceremony manager and of the priest;
  • paperwork and locations for burial in the cemetery;
  • team services of accompanying and burial;
  • services of digging a grave with the subsequent burial of the deceased;
  • proper decoration of the graves;
  • the conclusion of the prepaid funeral contracts;
  • legal consultation.