Pillows, bedspreads

Coffin bed is the interior of the coffin. As a rule, the interior consists of a few elements: bed, pillow and bedspread. If necessary, one of the elements can be removed or added. All of the accessories are made of different materials, and of course the choice is yours. We have such fabrics as cotton, silk, satin, velvet and brocade. Our funeral service include also the decoration of the coffin: we can sheathe all items ruffle, lace or braid, do any kind of embroidery (You choose the pattern and the color of the yarn ) or decorate with the desired symbols (religious, military, secular or any other). If you are not satisfied with the embroidery, the pattern can always be printed(it is also included in our ritual service, you don’t have to order it anywhere else). The pillow of the coffin can also be decorated with a wreath of flowers or a bouquet for the deceased. Surely, if taking such decisions is an additional cause of a stress for you, we can do it all ourselves, it is also included in the service.