From the economic, environmental and ethical point of view, today for many people cremation is more preferable to traditional burial in the ground. If by the will of the deceased or his relatives, the body should be cremated, funeral service “Requiem” will take the lead in organizing the burial ritual.

After cremation it is customary to keep the ashes of the deceased in a special funeral urn. Urns are made of metal, wood or ceramics. They can be purchased in the crematorium or be ordered. The urn may be buried in the columbarium wall or in the ground, on the private territory. The transfer of the urn to relatives is not earlier than the day after the cremation. During that day the staff of the crematorium must process the urn, sign the surname, name and middle name of the deceased, the dates of his birth and death.At the request of the relatives the urn can be decorated with a commemorative engraving, ritual symbolism, or photographs can be attached.